Solana Gold
Mining World
Gold mining simulator (Strategy Resource Management)
MINING WORLD –– is a play-to-earn game that immerses the player in real gold mining processes. In the game, all land is divided into sectors and sold as NFTs, where geological exploration must be carried out before starting gold ($SOLG) mining; based on capabilities of a player in the game, he/she can build factories and buy various equipment, and can also hire the necessary specialists; a person even can buy an operating gold mining company. The player can unearth artifacts in the form of NFTs. We work together with gold mining companies to immerse the player in this incredible world. $SOLG is a true resource, a digital resource that could be mined just like physical gold.


The player will be able to buy and sell in the internal NFT-Marketplace: - Land - Equipment - Factories - Operating companies (any part of the company) - Artifacts - Flags In the "Managers" section, managers' resumes will be located (in the resume you can see their track record and additional information)


In the leaderboard, you can view the detailed statistics of each player or each alliance (main metrics are: how much $SOLG does the company/alliance mine, what type of land does the company/alliance have, etc). In the managers' leaderboard, you can see the statistics of each manager (in which companies did he/she work, what were his/her results, whether he/she is currently looking for a job or is already employed, and what is his/her salary).

Land Types

  • Quarry
  • Gold Dredge
  • Gold Wash
  • Mines


Alliance is a relationship in which companies agree to work with each other to achieve more success. Each player will have an option to create his/her Alliance or to enter into the existing Alliance.


By mining gold company can find artifacts that can be stored or sold on the marketplace. The larger the enterprise, the higher the chances of finding an artifact.


The player can take out a loan in one of the banks inside the game against the security of his game property. The availability of loans will help players' companies grow faster.

Mining World Newspapers ("The Mining World Journal" and "Morbes")

Two magazines will be implemented in MW (Mining World):
  • Morbes –– this magazine focuses on individual companies and alliances. There will be published the success of the players and a list of the best.
  • The Mining World Journal –– this journal will publish the macroeconomic situation in the game. As well as the announcements useful for the players and general position of the players.


The choice of equipment depends on the choice of land:

Quarry Drilling Rig, Bulldozers, Trucks, Excavators, Factories, TNT, Shift Camp, Shift Workers, Office. 
Gold Dredge Dredge, Drilling Rig. 
Gold Wash Drilling Rig, Gold Washing Machines, Trucks, Excavators, Office.
 Mines Drilling Rigs, Trucks, Excavators, Factories, TNT, Shift Camp, Shift Workers, Office, Excavators.


Having passed the internal test, it will be possible to become a manager and work at the enterprise to receive a salary in $SOLG tokens (+ receive a bonus if the gold mining plan of the company was implemented). Managers will also have a leaderboard where their track record will be visible (how they passed the test; where they worked; what was the profitability of the company when they worked there, etc.). You can contact and set tasks for the manager through the internal chat in MW (Mining World).

Geological Exploration

Geological exploration is one of the very first stages of gold mining, it is a very important stage, at this stage a primary mining plan is formed. Before you start deploying an enterprise on your land, you must first perform geo-reconnaissance. By using drilling rig it is necessary to take several samples, analyze them and draw up a map of gold mining.

Equipment Upgrade

When expanding your enterprise, you will be able to upgrade factories and equipment by selling old and buying new in the NFT-Marketplace.
How complex and large the factory will be depends on how long it will take to build it.

Game Items Storage

All player in-game items can be stored in the player's wallet in the form of NFTs. But if the items you want to transport to your wallet are involved in your gold mining venture, transporting them it will harm your gold mining process.


Your company flag will be installed on your land, and will also be shown in the leaderboard and your profile. Every half year there will be a mint of flags. The first mint will take place in September 2022 (Quantity 15.000).


As an option a new player can be accompanied by onboarding. During onboarding, the player will understand how to use all sections of the game and will be able to start the gold mining process.

Company Scaling and Process Optimization

In order to scale your company, you can hire a manager(s) to manage your business so that you can manage more fields.

Mining Plan

Mining Plan will help structure and optimize the work of your company, and with such a plan you will be able to better plan the launch of the next fields.