Solana Gold
What is Solana Gold
The Solana Gold community is a globally distributed home to gamers, token holders, and members supporting the Solana protocol. Built on Solana.
Solana Gold is an ecosystem that contains: "Mining World" - a gold mining simulation game, Wallet, NFT Marketplace, Launchpad, and Staking Program. Mining World is a play-to-earn game that immerses the player in real gold mining processes.
With Solana being one of the fastest blockchain, our mission is to make the technology widely accessible to the masses through our core products.
Solana Gold focuses on developing relevant products complementing its ecosystem and Solana's ecosystem, respectively. The key focus is now on the development of the play-to-earn game "Mining World".
Our values are: people, innovation, evolution.
MINING WORLD –– is a play-to-earn game that immerses the player in real gold mining processes. In the game, all land is divided into sectors and sold as NFTs, where geological exploration must be carried out before starting gold ($SOLG) mining; based on capabilities of a player in the game, he/she can build factories and buy various equipment, and can also hire the necessary specialists; a person even can buy an operating gold mining company. The player can unearth artifacts in the form of NFTs. We work together with gold mining companies to immerse the player in this incredible world. $SOLG is a true resource, a digital resource that could be mined just like physical gold.
40% of our total supply is allocated towards our excessive reward system vested daily for the period of 20 Years. These tokens are distributed to users who are playing in Mining World or participating in our staking program. More details on the reward system will be announced in the near future.
Core Ecosystems include:
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    Mining World (Play-To-Earn)
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